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Cavapoo poo and CavaMaltipoo puppies

Sadie's Cavapoo poos

Lewis (Poodle) and Sadie (Cavapoo) had 3 beautiful Cavapoo poos April 1, 2018

Opal (F), Pearl (F) and Beryl (M)
 are available now for homecoming after
May 27th !

Sadie's Cavapoos are F1b or Cavapoo~poo. Her puppies will have a more consistent, non-shed coat and will weigh between 10 and 12 pounds. Their coats are hypo-allergenic with little to no visible shedding. These little ones are so intelligent. They are extremely teachable, trainable and 100% lovable.

We start puppies out right! Early neurological stimulation, added protection against parvo, consistent worming schedule, flea and tick prevention and a healthy diet with plenty of socialization prepares your puppy for a great future. Our daily routine sets the foundation for successful crate and potty training. 

Priced at $2500, puppy comes with 1st toy, health record, puppy food, treats and care instructions.

Some of Lewis' and Sadie's past puppies...