Thank you all for the great updates. We love to hear from you and are so blessed to have such a wonderful extended family

-Herb and Millinda Gray

"Just wanted to say, "Thank you from the bottom of our hearts" and offer a huge endorsement to Millinda and Herb for their wonderful breeding capabilities. Our new little buddy, Rigby arrived in Seattle from Nashville, and has brought joy into our life. It was so easy and reassuring working with Millinda as she kept us completely posted with email and video as he progressed through his first seven or so weeks. We are happy to report Rigby is growing and thriving as a smart, friendly, happy, healthy and well ­adjusted puppy. We're pleased to report he was also the best behaved in his first Puppy Manners obedience class. Our vet was very impressed with their early vet care and handling. We welcome him to our family with deepest gratitude and respect to Millinda and Herb. Thank you so much." ~Gail and Jackie, June 15, 2015

"Just another update! Ruby is doing wonderfully with everything! I've already taught her sit, come, and shake! She is so smart and as far as crate training I don't hear a peep out of her unless she has to go potty then I let her out, she does her business and walks back into the crate herself! She gets her 10 week shots this Friday but when I first brought her to the vet they were so impressed with all of her vaccinations, de-worming, etc. and how well socialized she was! I've attached some pictures that you all are more than welcome to use! Thank you so much again for blessing me with the most perfect little gift! "    *****Megan, June 4, 2013

"I just recently bought a puppy from this couple and couldn't be more happy. He is the picture of what a Scottish terrier should be, and for making me at ease when it came to shipping they were very nice and easy to get into contact with. When I buy my second Scottie in about a year I will be going with them." Laura, January 18, 2013  *****Great Little Guy!

"Truffle is a Cavamaltipoo. She has exceeded our expectations in every way. Millinda's description of the puppies from this mix seemed almost too good to be true. The size, coat & temperament was just what we were looking for. Our deposit & waiting-list time was made easier by regular updates, pictures & videos. Truffle is now 1 yr. old, with no health issues, a great personality, and she is absolutely beautiful! Her sweetest trait is that she "Squints" when we praise her or tell her we love her. The more we fuss over her the more her eyes close. She loves to be loved. Truffle is a wonderful addition to our family, and the entire experience with Herb & Millinda has been 100 percent positive! " Phyllis, May 4, 2012 *****Truffle, a very special girl!

"I would like to give a big THANK YOU to Millinda for breeding the most healthiest and happiest Cavapoos ever! We met our beautiful little "Pebbles" 1 week ago. When we took her out of the crate at the airport, she was a beautiful, clean, fluffy ruby red puppy and she smelled so good! We fell in love with her immediately! She took to my family right away! She slept all night and used the potty pads when she woke up the next morning! We took her to the vet, and everybody fell in love with her. They did not want to put her down and she loved all of the attention! The vet said she was in perfect health and Millinda did a great job taking care of her! I was very pleased! I highly recommend Millinda who is a very passionate and caring person; and you will feel the love that she has for her puppies as soon as you hear her voice on the phone. She answers any questions you may have, and gives great advice on how to care for your puppy!" The McRays ~ February 2011

Thank you again, for making my experience truly wonderful


"I love my Scottish Terrier "Indy" and he has been a great addition to the household. When he arrived in Alaska, he had to acclimate himself to the weather and he is now playing in the snow and loves it. Indy is loving, energetic and smart which I give this credit to Herb and Millinda since it is important to have puppies brought up in nurturing environment before they are given to other families. I definitely would purchase another puppy from them since we are thinking about adding another Scottish terrier to our family."  Cassidy, December 19, 2010

***** Love my Scottie

"We became the proud owners of a Scottish Terrier in July 2010. From the first inquiries to the day he came home it was a wonderful experience. Every question we had, every concern we thought of was easily answered or calmed. They were easy to contact and sent us regular updates on how our newest family member was doing. Millinda and Herb prepared us with lots of information to read ahead of time, as well as tips for once he was home. Thanks to their love and dedication to these puppies, we had an easy transition when our puppy came home. He was almost completely housebroken and sleeps perfectly through the nights. We couldn't be happier with how things worked out and hope that when he is ready for a brother or sister we will be able to work with them again." Ashleey, July 28, 2010

***** Could not have asked for a better experience!

"I strongly recommend these fine folks when buying your puppy.Communication through the deliver was first class.We love our Lilly."  TED B

*****Buyin our Scotty

"It is my pleasure to recommend this breeder to anyone who is ready to really love a Scottie. This is a very caring breeder who will communicate your puppy's progress from birth through delivery to you and follow up after your adoption. Care and attention to your puppy's health is a foremost concern and you will be getting an outstanding dog who's training has already been started. My personal experience with this breeder has been very rewarding and I highly recommend them and their wonderful dogs." Gayle McK

*****Highest Recommendation


"Millinda and Herb, Just wanted you to know that I think of you often. You have given me one of the greatest joys of my life in my little "Kiltie". She is doing wonderfully. Sooo smart and such a sweet personality. She runs my heart and my household revolves around her. Thank you so very much....... Gayle"


"We are very satisfied with the Grays as breeder/seller. They have been most helpful in providing us with a lifetime of joy and happiness. Zeke was delivered to us in excellent health. Our vet has assured us that he comes from very good parents. He is happy and well adjusted. We are very happy with, Sir Ezekial"

*****Proud Puppy Parents

"All I can say is thanks. This Scottie is the best, perfect size, perfect hair and that great Scottie personality. The Gray's are great breeders to work with. They really care about thier dogs and pups, they sent blankies and toys so the puppy would be comfy. They had me name him so when he arrived here he would know his name. They even called and check to see how he was doing after the puppy's flight. Can't go wrong with this breeder." Lynn Markle

***** Great Scotties and Great Breeder 


"Millinda stood out from other breeders because of her knowledge of the puppies she breeds. Not only is she knowledgeable about puppies, but she is very personable and a pleasure to talk with. She sold me a perfect chipom with a great personality. She came healthy and happy. I would recommend her to anyone. "Stephen

*****Awesome breeder

"Highly recommended! Ricky, a.k.a.Copper, came to us from Herb and Millinda in early December. He was very healthy and has a great dispostion. Our whole family loves him, especially our two young girls. Herb and Millinda were exceptional to deal with. They exhibit high integrity and a commitment to the puppies. Best of all, Ricky came accustomed to a crate and able to respond to the "potty" command. This made those middle of the night trips outside less than five minutes." Larry

*****Cavapoo Ricky

"Millinda and Herb are the "real deal". We adopted our puppy from them a few months ago and they were and are excellent with every question, concern, follow up information and recommendations, etc... My vet said our puppy was extremely healthy and obviously very well cared for both physically and in temperament (confident, responsive, obviously interact lovingly with). They show a true interest for the continued health and happiness of our puppy. They are "the real deal" and I would highly recommend them!" Mary Beth Iodice

*****Excellent breeder

"Millinda and Herb are wonderful caring breeders/sellers. After tolerating several weeks of my overly anxious anticipation of a new puppy and convincing me that shipping the puppy would not harm her, they delivered to me a beautiful, healthy and well adjusted baby girl. They were very responsive to all of my questions and a joy to communicate with. I would highly recommend them and their dogs to anyone. Thank you both. "Janet

*****Wonderful Doodle people

"Our little Maizy arrived in OKC after a rather lengthy flight, and she was no worse for the wear. She marched into our house and our hearts like she was Heaven sent. The Grays raise their puppies to be happy, playful, independent, curious and very well-adjusted. She hasn't cried once since we got her. We have had Scotties for 13 years, and our little Maizy has lived up to our high expectations in every way. We're loving having the wheaten to complement our beautiful black. The Grays are VERY helpful and knowledgeable, and were able to answer all of our questions. I just love talking with them and hope to maintain contact for many years to come." Joni`

*****Millinda and Herb Delivered an Angel to Oklahoma

"Excellent Communication!!! We purchased our sweet Scottie named Wallace from Millinda & Herb in June, 2008. He is an adorable, fun Scottish Terrier puppy with a great personality! Wallace flew from OR to our home in PA - and made it fine. They had him crate trained already. So, he was used to the "house" he was shipped in. He came with his favorite teddy, a soft bed and some puppy food & treats. When we picked him up at the airport, he knew his name and was bright & happy to see us. He is healthy & happy in his new home. Wallace has a sister (Westie) Mandy and they play together. It's cute. My husband, Jonathan, and I would highly recommend the Gray's. They are wonderful, caring breeders. Our Vet. said that Wallace is healthy and a "good looking Scottie." Thanks for everything, Millinda & Herb!!! You're wonderful... Fondly~Jennifer

"Just wanted to drop you a quick line. This is Kellie from Pittsburgh. I adopted little Kameron back in July. I loved the name Laddie, so I changed it to that...even though he has a brother Laddie living in Alaska. I wanted to let you know he is doing great and really loves his big brother Duffy (black Scottie). He graduated at the top of his puppy obedience class. He is the sweetest, most affectionate little pup I've ever had. I had to get a new computer at home just recently, so I will send pictures when I upload the pics from the last 6 months. Thanks again for everything. " Kellie (& Laddie O'Shea)

"Hi Grays-Just a note to let you know how much we are enjoying our Scottie, Graham. He is almost 4 mos now, and has had his full series of shots, and weighed 10.4 lbs 2 wks ago. He settled right in at our house like he had been here forever, did not even cry the first night. We gave some thought to changing his name, but he seemed to know it already, so we kept it, as it is unique. He is funny, smart, feisty, and everything, and more that we expected in a Scottie. He is developing some beautiful markings of brindle/wheaten, and is quite handsome. If I can figure out how to e-mail some photos, I will surely do that. Thanks so much for allowing us to bring this special guy into our family."~Vicki

"It has been a truly wonderful experience working with Herb and Millinda. We were blessed with the delivery of our precious Charlie, a Cavapoo, on August 30, 2008. From the moment we made a decision to pursue this amazing breed to the time he reached our home, the support, guidance and honesty that we received from these wonderful breeders deserves recognition. Unfortunately, he had to travel long and far to reach his new family, but his journey was only the beginning. He responded immediately to our family and the Grays certainly prepare their puppies for a smooth transition. He is smart, well-trained and a wonderful addition to our family." Karen

***** An experience to remember!

"Our little Ruby was shipped to us in Los Angeles with the utmost care. She arrived on time healthy and in great spirits ! She looked just like her pictures ! Crate trained and sleeps like a baby. Herb and Millinda were so nice to deal with. As professionals they truly cared about the transition from breeder to new home. Frequent calls and e-mails made travel a piece of cake ! I'm so glad I chose to purchase from Herb and Millinda's fine litter of Labradoodles"


"I can't say enough good things about Herb and Millinda! They walked us through every step of the process and were ALWAYS available for my many phone calls and emails. I was a nervous wreck about shipping the puppy, but Millinda calmed my fears and kept me updated every step of the way. The descriptions I had been given about the puppy's personality were SPOT ON, and they were dedicated to making sure we got the perfect dog for us, not just any dog. At the puppy's initial well-check after shipping, the vet said she had NEVER seen a puppy from a breeder who had obviously taken such good care of the dog (specifically clean ears, trimmed nails, perfect vaccination and flea and tick preventative records, and well-socialized). He obviously knew he should sleep in his crate and potty outside, and we were provided with his schedule which helped have him basically housebroken in under two weeks. They gave us so much info that we (as first time dog owners) would have never known!"  Dawn

*****Can't say enough good things about them!

"It's day 3 w/ my Cavapoo. He?s perfect-NO JOKE-he came potty trained, knows "sit"-we're now working on "down"! He?s smart, adaptable, friendly, fast learning & an all around ideal dog. I credit Millinda; I spoke to M about a month B4 her Cavapoo gave birth. I spoke to TONS of breeders-M really stood out; she had a real love 4 her dogs; emailed me 12am right when Brandi gave birth-sent pics of the litter when they were just born. I begged her 2 let me give a deposit since it was early on-the last thing she cared about was $-it?s about the pups. And it got better-pics & videos each wk & STORIES; I gained insight into his personality, siblings, parents, etc since birth. M was always avail to answer my ?s or to talk about him. Even now she is STILL avail. She?s a gem-not just a breeder, but a formidable puppy-raiser that sets the foundation for truly great dogs. I recommend M more than you can realize & will always be thankful to her for this most wonderful joy." Megan

*****THE BEST! Seriously - THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!