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Cavapoos and CavaMaltipoo puppies

"It all started in my kitchen

When my dog Mosi had food-related health issues, I began making a raw diet for him at home.  I was loving the results, but hating the mess.  No one really likes a bowl of bloody meat in their fridge or spinach up the walls! So I came up with the idea for dehydration as a way to offer him a healthy, whole food diet that was easier to prepare.

Once a few friends gave it a try and discovered the benefits it brought their pets, The Honest Kitchen was born.  We’re now a team of more than forty animal-loving foodie fanatics, who are super-passionate about the quality and goodness of the products we make. 

We’re thrilled you've decided to give us a try and hope The Honest Kitchen helps your pup or kitty on the road to good health, just as it has our own.

Welcome to our pack!

~Lucy  ~Honest Kitchen Founder & CEO"